Project 58 – Introduction

How exciting is this? My first BIG project of my Projects segment! Now before anyone wonders what Project 58 really is I’m just going to come right out and say it – It’s all about weight loss and health management.
Now before you say, “Oh dear Lord, not another weight loss debacle” I just want you to have a read on. If you feel this Project is not something you’d like to follow then that is absolutely fine, and if you like it then that’s fantastic. But do me a favour, and give me the benefit of the doubt to explain what Project 58 really consists of!
Now, after that persuading talk let’s get down to it! On my blog home page you’ll see right in the middle of the cover picture a phrase “20 Something”. This is accurate. I am 20 something. And the reason I chose this tag is because I will be for the next 9 years at least! I just turned 21. A very scary age (I’ll be doing a blog post about this soon which you can find in my “blog Posts” Section) but also a very confusing one. It’s an age in an era of media projection, social standing, importance of appearance and a whole lot of junk food. I know of many people my age who are over-weight to a health hazard point and I also know people who are so thin and skinny that they reach this point too. So it’s not about becoming skinny or thin.
As a 21 year I have a big responsibility towards my body. After all I only have one and none to spare.
The fact of the matter is I am over weight. I’ve always been shy of sharing this and I have been on my project for the last 1 & 1/2 weeks, just to make sure I don’t write something and then ditch it in the middle. But that’s not happened yet so it must be a sign.
My weight is 81 KG’s. Which is ridiculously high and if you look at me, you wouldn’t say I looked larger than 70 KG’s. I was 65 when I got into University and since then I sort of tumbled into a giant weight gaining spree which has to stop now. The main thing I know is  “I want to lose weight”. But there are several Questions attached to that sentence.
Simple questions we all learnt in Literature grade 9. The first three are fairly easy to answer and I’m going to provide my own answers to these questions. You don’t have to have the same answers as me but answering these questions before you begin will do so much good in helping you get there. It could help open up possibilities to new workouts/diets and lifestyles, aid in decision-making and enhance your knowledge on what YOU really want.
Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 16.50.33


Why do we lose weight? Why do we have the need to go through the grind of not eating all those pastries, flakes and ice cream cakes or the early morning squats trying to reach 20? The why of things is what keeps me going and for the most part it’s what keeps my friends going to. The fact that I have a reason behind all that effort makes the effort a little bit less strenuous.
A why can be a range of things for different people. So if someone comes and criticises your ‘why’, you shouldn’t be offended because that is YOUR ‘why’ not theirs! In my opinion I would recommend having a ‘why’ that is either one or two reasons not more because your focus might get diluted. At least that’s the case for me. But of course if you feel you can manage it then ‘why’ not.
A person can lose weight for so many reasons ranging from appearance, self-confidence to health problems or benefits. Now I would be happy coming from 81KGS to 65KGS. That would be my ideal goal to be honest and the reason between those kilos is related to self-confidence. Not being able to fit into some of my most loved clothes makes me feel sad and I then lack the energy and burst of confidence in clothes worn at 81 KGS.
So yeh, for me 65 is fabulous. Unfortunately my doctor says otherwise. Because of stress and weight combined my health problem is a bit messed up and so the doctor has given me the weight of 58KGs to come down to. So even if self-confidence is a big reason for losing weight, my primary reason would be health.
You need to review your life and ask yourself why do you really want to lose that weight? If you want to look better, then how does weightless contribute to that? Don’t decide this in one minute, take your time and explore your reasons. It’s quite motivational when you can’t do that extra few hours of dieting and exercise.
Until I lose my weight down to 58KGs I will be posting up different methods I use, my current weight as well as any tips and tricks I can find for your own journey of weight loss. I used to think I lacked the will power to do it but once I started all I needed was a bit of a push. I hope I can be your push.
Stay Tuned!

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