Supervisory Special Agent Khan

Special Supervisory Agent Iliyas Ayaz Khan 
SSA Khan, a permanent member of the ICD. Agent Khan has a few special qualities only some of which are listed in his profile. The rest you’ll have to see for yourself!
  • Iliyas worked in the department dealing with international drug smuggling.  He went undercover for a while but the agency and the time he went undercover is unknown to anyone except for his superior.
  • He has experience in incidents of organized crime, terrorism, interstate criminal activity, foreign counterintelligence, extortion, white-collar crime, bribery and drug trafficking.
  • He has a degree in Psychology and criminology and guest lectures at Quantico every summer. 
  • He is planning to get married within the next few months to an Israeli woman he met at University.
  • Born in England, he’s originally from Denver where he grew up with his half-brother and sister. He struggled through extreme poverty and worked odd jobs to put himself through school. 
  • He’s quiet reserved and talks to the point. His team are used to him but not well bonded with him. Agent Khan has a job to do and he doesn’t mess around. 
I know I know, its short and brief and doesn’t talk that much about the background of Agent khan but this particular profile needs to be that way. His past is dangerous and manipulated. Anyone who reads more into needs to take precautions. That includes you too. 

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