Introducing Agent Andreas Johnson

Say hello to Andreas Johnson, a one of a kind technical genius! Andreas transferred from the FBI to ICD after receiving a commendation for finishing his 3 year prison sentence as an official assistant in the FBI’s tech team. Here are some of the most important things you’d need to know about Andreas:

  • Andreas, before committing to the FBI, had been sentenced to 5 years in a federal prison for accessing identities in the witness protection programme and selling them to illegal immigrants.
  • In the FBI he mostly worked indoors providing information and hacking into the corporate accounts of those who were being investigated for embezzlement and illegal financial scams.
  • His main area of expertise lies in decoding, hacking and number manipulation along with contributions into the security breaches of the organisation he’s working in.
  • Andreas is an orphan and has no family known to him. He was placed in a foster home but ran away at the age of 14. He managed to survive by selling his hacking skills to local gangs and criminals. For example, he would hack into phones, laptops, cameras and anything else that had wires through it.
  • The FBI still keeps tabs on him with regular checkups to make sure he isn’t defaulting on his good behaviour and is cooperating with the ICD. Agent Illiyas Khan, the head of ICD, has to write a report reflecting the behaviour and work ethics of Andreas.
  • He prefers to stay indoors and do less work in the field as this is outside of his comfort zone.
  • In his spare time he enrolls  in different courses. Thus far he has completed his CFA and financial modelling courses along with a bachelors and masters in computer science.
  • He likes Agent Ahana. A lot.

This, very general outlook, sums up Andreas Johnson. He is by far a more interesting character on cases and you’ll either love his brilliance or hate it. Either way he’s got a lot of tussle coming up!


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