Introducing Agent Ahana Jani

Agent Ahana Jani, born and raised in the heart of Mumbai, decided to pursue her forensic career in the United Kingdom after she left the Central Bureau  of Investigations in India. She was offered the role in ICD following the capture of major trafficking rings that supplied to the Middle East. Here are a few facts about Agent Jani,

  • Agent Jani has been part of the Domestic Trafficking Task force for 3 years. She was soon promoted to work alongside the head team in pursuit of child molesters in the country.
  • She was one of the youngest recruits into the team at 27 years old.
  • She joined ICD 4 years ago. Last year, she took a leave when she was kidnapped and raped by a serial rapist in Manchester. He was caught but she was bruised, torn and lost. She took her recovery time and decided against the advice of the bureau to move to another division joining ICD again.
  • She has experience in dealing with troubled teenagers and children because of her experience. Most of the time she keeps the past in the past and refuses to disclose it to her colleagues.
  • Schizophreniform disorder is in her future but she has been cleared for active duty as the doctor advised and it would not affect her till much later.
  • Agent Jani has had extensive sniper training when in the Indian army and is a PADI Dive master.

Agent Jani is no one to meddle with, and you’ll get to know her more in the upcoming stories. She’s tough, rough and definitely on heat.


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