Introducing Agent Benjimen Adal Djask

Let me introduce you to Agent Benjamin Adal Djask, a german foreign national invited to the ICD for his expertise on forensic anthropology and toxicology. He’s one of the most academically inclined but ignorant of the daily politics and gossips of the world. Let me give you an overview what to expect from Agent Djask.
  • Agent Djask graduated from Michigan state university graduate school after finishing his undergraduate at Technische Universität München, Germany.
  • Working undercover as a dealer in the German police, he has helped recover narcotics and aid in capturing cross boarder heavy arms and drug dealers.
  • He’s been with the team for the past 8 months and has settled in well with the current members.
  • Previously he has been recruited into the army to consult with interrogations in Afghanistan. Because of this he suffers from mild PTSD and continues therapy for anger management under instruction from the bureau.
  • He has a close group of friends from badminton and doesn’t escape from his social circle to experience new encounters with people.
  • He is more comfortable with the present team but uneasy with the new recruits where he has to overcome his suspicion and doubts.

Agent Djask has much more to him though. When you read ahead you’ll see his character and charm that will draw you to him. Whether it is Intellectuality or curiosity that does it for you, you’ll come to know soon enough!


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