Welcome to the first post!

Hey Everyone and welcome to my blog!

My name is Mishael and I am not a professional writer, in fact I’ve sort of just started out. I’m still working on consistency and I did try to start a blog before but alas, I was way too preoccupied with the thought of having a blog than the actual blog itself! I think for now, I’ve grown a little from that so I moved forward from my previous blog and decided to start afresh. Nothing like starting from the beginning when you’re 21.

I am still dabbling with my ideas and what exactly I want to post on my blog but I do know one thing, my blog would most probably consist of stories, life experiences, maybe some advice here and there and hopefully my book related things!

Yes, I’ve just started a book! More about it will come in my future updates and its probably going to be a bit kiddish but I do know that if I don’t try now then I never will, and I really really want to get my story out there! If not for me then at least the kids about to enter my age group in the future.

In terms of what you need to know about me is probably that I just turned 21, I love children’s books and mythology and most of all I’m eager to learn, grow and help others my age (below and above) do the same thing.

I’ll be posting a new write up soon!

Until the next post,


RS: Think about someone for 10 seconds who makes you smile.


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