Introducing Dr Shirley Whittle

Meet Dr Shirley Whittle, a member of the ICD team and a forensic expert. She works alongside other members on important cases acting as a highly ranked  medical examiner. Now, Dr Whittle is no ordinary person – in fact, there are a few important facts you should know about her!

  • She has been part of the National Crime Agency (NCA), previously known as the Serious Organised Crime Agency, for the past 15 years and had been offered a position leading up to chief medical examiner. She however, decided to be part of the special task force taking part in cases and to utilise her expertise.
  • She conducts guest lectures at the Imperial College and has frequent visits to Bristol University to mentor future aspiring medics in the forensic field.
  • She is currently working on her own government-funded research focusing on unusual venous bullet embolism as well as non fatal strangulation in fatal assaults with victims in intimate relationships. Her research is not limited to these two areas and contributes to a crucial role in solving many cases.
  • Dr Whittle often engages in witty banter with her team members but when it comes to the work she does, is very serious and does not take kindly to tomfoolery.
  • She enjoys a clever game of chess, especially with technical analyst Andreas Johnson who challenges her intellect.
  • She has been part of the ICD for 2 years and intends to continue working there.
  • One of her qualities is her keenness toward cleanliness and ritual. She has a strict tradition of what she packs, how she organises her desk and her peculiarity of every event.
  • A main trait is her inflexibly in methodology and investigations. This can be a good or worrying factor depending on the situation but in most cases it has been a helpful and desirable habit.

So now you know a few things about Dr Whittle. You’ll learn more about her in the cases to come including her family background, he childhood and her qualities that will definitely surprise you and make you even more curious.


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